Our Teaching Feature

Department of Communication and Technology has three different programs which are "Communication and Technology," "Media Culture," and "Hakka Culture and Society." These three programs provide different professional knowledge for student to learn and practice. Since be one of the department of College of Hakka Studies, the "Hakka Culture and Society" program let students to understand the diversity of Taiwan ethnicity and cultures. The other two programs-- " Communication and Technology" and  "Media Culture," -- are the main concentration of our department for students to foster the know-how knowledge. Therefore, students of different interests will fit any kind of domain during four-year university life. 


For example, students who are interest in liberal arts can provide a great deal of contents and ideas not only in media culture research but inmedia production. Besides, students who interest in information technology engineering are highly welcome to our department to make communication technology program more interesting and challenging.


Besides, we also emphasize  the student English proficiency, for example: 1. we encourage our faculty to have his/her courses in English; 2. Since there are several exchange student programs with Netherlands, Japan, Singapore and Honkong provided by DCT, we encourage the students to strive for the opportunities to apply the exchange students of different universities overseas; 3. we also encourage students to apply exchange student program of different universities overseas