The College of Hakka Studies of National Chiao Tung University has been established on March, 2004 which includes Department of Communication and Technology and Department of Humanities and Social Science.  Deparment of Communication and Technology started the admission and had 6 full-time faculty at the same time. The Class of 2008 which is the first graduated students includes 17 students. As the result, every student has more opportunities to intereact with the professors. The devotion and contribution from both students and faculty had cultivate the reputation of the department and the amout of the applicants had risen years after years.


College of Hakka Studies was located in the Science Building II at first and hadn't moved to the Zhubei Campus until 2010 summer. The brand-new building exclusively designed for College of Hakka Studies was equipped with the new facilities and provided bigger sapce for all people. Most important of all, with the financial support from the Council for Hakka Affairs, Deaprtment of Communication and Technology constructed the most state-of-the-art virtual studio in Taiwan and combined all the resources to establish Digital Media Center which provides professional teaching and research facilities for students and all faculty.


The department started the admission of the graduate program from 2010 cooperating with the Institute of Communication Studies of  College of Humanities and Social Science accept 12 students for Master Program each year. 


Past Chair 
  Office Term
Liang-Wen Kuo 2004.09-2007.07
Mei-Hua Lee 2007.08-2009.07
Liang-Wen Kuo 2009.08-2010.07
Chen-Chao Tao 2010.08-2012.07
Ti-Wei 2012.08-2013.07
Yupei-Chang 2013.08-2016.07
J. Sonia Huang 2016.08-2018.07
Ti-Wei 2018.08-