Career of Our Alumni

With the age of media convergence, we provide various facilities and courses for students to foster the professional skills and knowledge not only in digital science, entertainment technology but also in practice. DCT emphasizes both on research and career in journalism and provide cross discipline courses for students to foster the skill for future career. Students are encouraged to make their own innovation from the inspiration of new communication technology and set their career goals to all over the world. Students not only can pursue the further studies

* Media Industries

Media Industries includes not only newspaper, magazine, publishing, radio broadcasting, television industries, but also extend to web-based new medium, such as  web portal, news websites and online shopping and other telecommunication and information industries. The advantages of possessing crossdiscipline skills can make students to apply on news and video production and also on marketing and PR. 

* Communication-related industries

Although new media keeps striking the part of tranditional media industries, other communication-related fields still need some communication infrastucture and media management using high-quality content and strategies to promote. Our alumni possess mutifacet skill to cope with changing environment of communication-related industries.

* Further Study

We also emphasize the research and thoeries and encourage student to develope those knowledge in the future. Therefore, we also provide professional and solid acedamic programs and courses for students. Our undergraduate students research project usually would receive the acceptance from National Science Council financial support. Besides, every senior student is required to take thesis writing or project production to received ther diploma.