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CastNet, a news website established by the Department of Communication and Technology, is a student-run media. All the news on this website is written and edited by junior students who take “Practice of On-line Journalism” courses. Particularly, CastNet gives complete real-time reports during Mei-Chu Tournaments between National Chiao Tung University and Tsing Hwa University every year....more (in chinese)


CastNet Newspaper Crew-Class of 2014  


CastNet Newspaper Crew-Class of 2012

CastNet Newspaper Crew-Class of 2011

CastNet Newspaper Crew-Class of 2010


goto&play 的LOGO

  Goto & Play Radio Station provide brand-new digital broadcasting technology  for students to obtain the knowledge and real practice. As an experimental radio station, the production of Goto & Play includes breaking news, news forum and music entertainment  programs. The station is going to develop into multimedia radio broadcasting with sounds, texts and graphics....more  (in chinese)

goto&play 成員照