Course Requirement of Department of Communication and Technology(Academic Year 2016)


Required courses

  Term Required Elective
Freshman Fall Basic Writing for Communication
Communication Technology Workshop
Student Service Education(I)、(II)
Introduction to Communication Technology History
Audio Production
Television Producing
Visual Aesthetics

Advanced Writing for Communication
Advanced Communication Technology Workshop
Sophomore Fall Introduction to Research Methods
Communication Process and Effect
Spring Human-computer Interaction
Media Culture and Society
Junior Fall Practice of On-line Journalism (I)

Topics in Media Convergence: Advanced Digital Communication
Advanced Video Producing 

Spring Media Internship
Practice of On-line Journalism (II)
Communication English
Senior Fall Thesis(I) Article Writing (I)
Spring Thesis(II) Article Writing (II)

Note: Some syllabi are in Chinese


Elective Courses

  Term Comm. Tech. Program Media Culture Program Hakka Culture and Society Program
(A minimum of one program)

Introduction to Hakka Society and Culture

Basic Hakka Language(I)  (II)

Intermediate Hakka Language(I) (II)

Hakka Language and Culture

Drama and Hakka

Hakka Literature

Religious Symbols and Hakka

Hakka and Gender

Hakka, Identity and Social Movement

Hakka and Community Research

Local History and Historical Article Writing: Special topics on Hakka

Oral History and Biography Writing

Hakka and Narratology

Hakka and Holo Architecture

Hakka Culture Economy and Tourism

Hakka Culture and Local Knowledge

Hakka Image Studies

Hakka Culture and Local Knowledge

Cultural Industry in Hakka Taiwan

In-depth reporting on Hakka

Hakka and Communication Technology

Freshman Fall None None
Sophomore Fall
Junior Fall

Interaction science and design thinking


Media Psychology

Digital Multimedia Production

Interaction design and information architecture

Media Management and Entrepreneurship


Media Strategy and Planning

New Technology and Organization Communication

3D Virtual Studio Pratice

Persuasive Technology and Strategic Communication

Media Economics and Industrial Innovation


Communication Technology Policy in Everyday Life


Social Network Analysis


Social Media and Communication



Audiences and Popular Culture


Cyber Community and Culture


Media and globalization

Visual Culture and Criticism

Political Economy of Communication


Multiculturalism and Communication


Analysis of Communication Environment

Documentary Filmmaking


Fiction Filmmaking

Digital Multimedia Production

3D Virtual Studio Studio Pratice

Cultural Activism


Communication Technology Policy in Everyday Life


Social Media and Communication

Note: Some syllabi are in Chinese