Work Oppurtunity




A. Working Content:Banner, EDM, website design.

B.Working Hoursshift (at least four days a week or more)

                            Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 - 18:00
C. Work location: Near (MRT Blue Line) Simon Station

D.Vacancy:no limit

E.Resume Requirements:

1. Could paint shopping website commodity page and make it cause consumers to buy.
2. Photoshop, ILLUSTRATOR.
3. Visual design, layout and have a strong interest in fashion thing.
4. Welcomes in school during the day and no class time to join the team SHOPPING99 shopping site
5. Please bring Collections
6. As for the off-campus practice, can take the initiative and contact SHOPPING99 human resources group, to arrange an interview, such as school enrollment will then sign internship contract
* A period of five months or more semester intern (Denial summer vacation short term training), if you have decided to become a professional graphic. Web pages or racquet related designers, we are willing to provide full promotion and learning opportunities.
F.Contact Us

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