About Us

The Building of College of Hakka Studies

    The Department of Communication and Technology (DCT) was established in 2004. In the past ten years, we devoted ourselves to pioneering new communication research fields and to cultivating future talents for the innovation of new media industries.  

    DCT focuses highly on the communication transformation brought by technology. Therefore, the department has been stived to provide the interdisciplinary education which combines different research areas such as journalism, broadcasting, television, digital advertising and public relations. In addition, due to the media convergence, the format of content production becomes diverse and complex; as a result, we also provide a series of professional training for media technology for students. Integrating theoretical and critical thinking into the professional training, it is our goal to make our students versatile in not only academic research but also different media industries.

    DCT’s undergraduate program emphasizes on studentss thorough understanding of and ability to produce professional work in integrated digital media. Based on the three cultivation goals of “literacy”, “theory” and “skill”, DCT has two professional core curriculums in “media culture” and “communication technology”. In the master’s program, communication and technology is DCT’s core domain. In spite of fundamental training on theory and methodology, media culture, entertainment technology, media psychology and user experience studies are also highlighted research topics.



      With 13 faculty staff and abundant teaching and research facilities, DCT locates in the Zhubei campus of College of Hakka Studies, NCTU. Every year, DCT offers academic admissions to 40 students in the undergraduate program, 15 graduate students in the master’s program (joint degree program with Graduate School of Communication NCTU) and 2 students in the PhD program (joint degree program with the Division of Communication Art and Technology in the Graduate School of Applied Arts NCTU).  

      The Department expects to integrate research on relevant technologies, cultures, and tribal development to create a new homegrown knowledge base that exemplifies the society of Taiwan.