Q & A

Q1. What's the difference among Department of Communication and Technology and other schools?

 With the age of media convergence, we provide various facilities and courses for students to foster the professional skills and knowledge not only in digital science, entertainment technology but also in practice. We also consistently work on the interaction with different international universities; that is, we emphasize the importance of students' English proficiency  


Q2. What kind of carrier can i have after graduating from Department of Communication and Technology?

We emphasize both courses delivered in Chinese and English. Besides, students are encouraged to make their own innovation from the inspiration of new communication technology and set their carreer goals to all over the world. Students not only can pursue the further studies of master degree or PhD. degree but also go to the technology industries such as Google, Yahoo and other internet marketing, digital entertainment media (e.g. games company and social networking sites), mass communication fields,  PR-related, etc.


Q3. What kind of approach is DCT, theoretical or practical?

DCT empahsize both on research and career in journalism. During freshman and sophomore, theories, history and research methods of communication fields will be taught; meawhile the basic journalism wirting and digital programs will be provided as well. In the junior and senior years, students will take the advanced courses of communication projects and profession courses for future carreer. Also,  students will be required to have thier internship during the summer between junior and senior year. 

Q4. Since DCT belong to College of Hakka Studies, will there be lots of courses related to Hakka cultures?

We encourage students to learn more about diverse cultures of Taiwan. Therefore, Hakka Culture Program will be provided for students to figure out the beauty of Hakka culture.


Q5. What's the difference between Master Program of New Media & Media Management and Master Program of Communication & Technology?

 The former emphasizes on new media and media management and the later one focus on cultural studies, entertainment technology and media psychology. For more information please visit the websites.


Q6. When should a graduate student choose the advisor? Will it be possible to choose from Master Program of New Media & Media Management ?

 Mostly it will be appropriate to choose your advisor in the spring semester of first year. Students are allowed to choose the professors from Master Program of New Media & Media Management. However, the professor has the right to turn down student. For those who decide to choose the professor who doesn't belong to the their own Master Program will have to find professors from both Master Program in their thesis defense


Q7. How many credits should a graduate student take for a semester?

9 credits(3 courses) will be recommended. 3 courses may include a required course, a methodology course and a course student is interested in. For graduate student , we also encourag graduate students to be teaching and research assistants in order to learn some experience.


Q8. Is there any opportunities for students to be exchanged to other countries?

So far we have worked with the Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands  and Osaka University, Japan. The information will be updated on our websites.