Admission by Application

Individual Application

1. The application admission are designed for high school students who take the Taiwan scholastic aptitude test. There are two kinds of application: one is students being recommended by their own high schools; the other is individual application.

2. There are some score requirements of Taiwan scholastic aptitude test. Students must aquire the scores of top 25% in subjects of Chinese, English and Society.

3. The Taiwan scholastic aptitude test will take 40% of total evaluation as first phase. The rest lies in applicants' documents(20%) and interviews(40%) as second phase.

4. The required documents are as follow:

(1) Photocopy of Student ID

(2) Transcript

(3) Autobiography (5 pages maximum)

(4) Related Work Portfolio  


Athletic Admission

1. Each year Department of Communication and Technology will accept at most 2 athletic admission students.

2. Students must  acquire top 25% points in the subjects of Chinese and English and top 50% in Society on Taiwan scholastic aptitude test.

3. The Chinese subject will serve as the priority when applicants meet the same qualification.