Internal Transfer Information

1. You must be a sophomore student

2. Minimum Requirement (1 out of 3)

(1) Being in the top 30% of the whole freshman class 。
(2) With G. P. A. of 80 pts of freshman year
(3) With extraordinary outstanding performances in the communication-related field

3. Application Documents ( 3 packages)

(1) A copy of formal transcript which must include your class rank and G. P. A. performance percentage in the whole class
(2) Application form:  personal statement (a maxim of 5 pages). Other relevant documents which can prove applicants' experience and performance.

4. Evaluation: There are two phases of evaluation. First will be based on the applicants' application documents and an entrance exam (applicants will be informed the time and subjects in advance). Those who pass the first phase will move on to the interviews. The decision will be made by committee. All decisions are final and may not be appealed.