Outbound Student Exchange

1. Objectives

The guidelines, established by the Department of Communication and Technology (hereafter “the department”) of National Chiao Tung University, are provided for the nomination of students to overseas partner universities, in order to promote academic cooperation and to cultivate internationally-minded students. Matters related to the nomination of exchange students and their rights and responsibilities are subject to the guidelines.

2. Period of Exchange

Exchange students are allowed to study at an overseas institution for a maximum period of one semester.

3. Nomination Procedures

The outbound student exchange programs are open for application yearly. The application form including the required documents must be submitted by the end of the fourteenth week of the fall semester in the previous school year. Application must specify the school year/semester on exchange. Students eligible for selection are notified during the seventeenth week of the spring semester. Students nominated for participating in exchange programs are notified during the sixth week of the spring semester. The exact date of notification is determined by the department. The department will send nomination letters and required documents to partner universities on behalf of the students and will issue admission notices after approvals. Download the attachment for more information.

4. Qualifications

Qualifications for application as follows:

(1) Undergraduate students (including double-major students) in their second year or above. (Non-citizens of the Republic of China cannot apply for exchange to universities in their countries of nationality. Overseas Chinese cannot apply for exchange to universities in their countries of residency. International students on scholarship from the government of the Republic of China or NCTU are not eligible for the application.
(2)Top 50% of cumulative grade average in class. Transferring students must receive grades from courses provided by the department before application.
(3)TOEFL CBT 213 and above, iBT 79 and above, or IELTS 6.0 and above. Students also need to meet the requirements of the institutions being applied for.

5. Required Documents

Required documents for application include:

(1)Application form
(2) 2 copies of college or university transcripts
(3) 2 copies of language certificates (If formal language certificates are not issued by the deadline, students can use computer records as the substitute and submit formal certificates after being nominated. The certificates must be issued within the last two years.
(4) 2 copies of autobiographies in Chinese and English
(5) 2 copies of study plans in Chinese and English
(6) One recommendation letter in Chinese and English
(7) Other documents that state the applicants’ achievements

6. Selection Guidelines

The selection process consists of two-stage reviews

(1) Document review: Committee members composed of DCT faculty members will review and evaluate the written material.
(2) Interview: Committee members will conduct in-person interviews with applicants who pass the document review. Interview questions cover issues relevant to students’ study-abroad plans. The document review constitutes 60% of the total score (comprised of: school grade 30%, language scores 40%, reviewed materials and other achievements 30%) and the interview makes up 40% of the score.