Virtual Studio

Studio On Air

  3D Virtual Video Studio Supported by the Council of Hakka Affairs Executive Yuan Taiwan, HsinChu County Government and NCTU, DCT launched the 3D Virtual Studio in 2011. The studio is by far the best 3D production facility in all the mass communication university departments as well as in the video production industry Taiwan. With a sum of more than 40 million NT dollars investment, DCT aims to help students implement their creative ideas into reality, not just theoretically but also practically.

  With the quick transformation of the media environment and production, there are some differences between traditional and current studios. And the biggest difference would be the high-tech involvements. For example, the virtual studios are always be utilized for producing high-cost Hollywood films and live news during the election. Therefore, in order to meet this trend, College of Hakka Studies of National Chaio Tung University decides to contruct this virtual studio with the  financial support from the school, Council of Hakka Affairs and HsinChu County Government and it is by far the best facility among other universities in Taiwan, as well as video production industry.