Interaction Science Workshop

Interactive Science focuses on every human interation mediated by technology and the newest and state-of-the-art methods will be used to conduct the research of the process and effect of the interaction(user expeience and behavior) in order to design the ideal system or media. Interactivity Science is a interdosplinary research. Department of Communication and Technology tries to combine the fields such as communication theories, cognitive psychology, sociology, information science, design, etc. to think about interaction among human, media, environment, cultures and so on and to analyze the impact brought by communication technology. Further, the solutions and future development will also be discussed in order to improve this interdisciplinary research.


The emphsis of the Interactive Science Workshop are listed as follow: (1) Lecture Speeches by the professionals in the human-computer interaction industries; (2) Design process and method practice; (3) Work evaluation and suggestion.


Workshop Schedule
Date Topic
2011.10.26 User Expeience (UX) Intro.
2011.12.07 UX Studies: Knowing Users' Wants
2011.12.13 Eye Tracking Technology Utlization
2011.12.29 Behavior Observation Technology & HCI
2012.03.21 Activity Experience Prototype
2012.03.28 Activity Experience Prototype
2012.04.11 Interaction Experience Prototype
2012.05.02 Systematic Presentation of Ideas and Design Production
2012.05.09 Prototype Production and Software Practice
2012.05.16 Prototype Production and Software Practice

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