103 Year University Admission oral order

Fellow students Well, first welcome to apply Department of Communication and Technology Jiaotong University, Congratulations on your great success in "Bachelor admission screening," the first stage of academic aptitude test screening projects, to further participate in the second stage of selection.

The system contains a review of the second phase of the selection of project data (20% of total score) and interview (40% of total score of).

Interview Date: 103 years April 11 (five) 09:00 ~ 15:25

Interview Location: Jubei six campuses HK206 Department of Communication and Technology Seminar Room

Rest Room: College of Hakka HK207 room

Note: Please oral 15 minutes prior to the completion of each group to report, report location for HK207 discussion outdoors.

If you have any questions please contact us, Tel :03 -5,131,513 Zhongxin Yu Assistant