《Celtic Cross》 Engraved Memories of College


The novel “Celtic Cross” is wrote by Yi-Fang Wang, Yi-Jia Tsai and Yan-Ting Ling of DCT. The content of this novel focus on different aspects of life in the college, from relationships with family, friendship, romance and social media interaction.They add the particular elements of spiritual dimension, such as: tarot, consultation and dream decoding.


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Through story writing reflects life experiences

They want to express their own feeling through this story.When they shared their life stories, they deeply felt that "pain is occurring through comparison", "when you need help, go to find an assistance", and "family background is the most effected factor ".


Try to figure out various elements into story

The features of this novel are that it contains various elements.In order to understand the experience of consultation, they interviewed two of Counseling Psychologist and a consultative student.


An important footprint of college life

There are more related content of "Celtic Cross" in 104 graduate exhibition on May 2 at CPT101 (Conference Hall).We are willing to invite everyone to attend.