DCT Serial Speech Lecture:Pervasiveness of Media Multitasking and Effects on Well-Being


Pervasiveness of Media Multitasking and Effects on Well-Being


Professor Prabu David


Dec. 4 (Fri.) 12:10 p.m.-13:20 p.m.


HK115, College of NCTU


    With rapid advances in communication technologies, media multitasking has become a routine activity. In this talk, I will begin with a descriptive account of the pervasiveness of media multitasking among college-age students in the United States. Then using survey data and path models, I will discuss potential benefits and harms of pervasive multitasking on well-being, specifically from problematic use of mobile phones. Finally, I will offer a model of Motivated Threaded Cognition that accounts for media multitasking and a preliminary test of this model using eye-tracking data.