Cast Net Lecture:Jang Li talk about media transition of the digital convergence

    Jang Li, an’s editor, has a speech in Chiao Tung University on 29 Dec. He shared the digitized experience of United Daily News, as well as the media and journalists in today's environment, how should we change and adapt.



Digital convergence: Index of Media Transformation

    Jang has over twenty years of seniority in the United Daily News, he thought media patterns has great changes in recently years. So he has to re-examine media industry and think about how to transition. Digital convergence is the transition index, the media can provide information in different forms, at any time, place and vehicles, and the function must have search and shared capabilities.


Established business model for future direction

    "If business model did not establish, there was difficult to find a paradigm of the media now." He pointed out that the establishment of business model is the only way to defining the future model of media appearance. So the answers are still looking for by every media companies, then we decided to follow trends.




Praise DCT students’ media, expect their future development



    Jang believes that "Cast Net" is a native network media, is very different from other schools. In addition to the text presented, but also includes radio, photos, video, animation and graphics. Jang also made suggestions on interface design, and look forward "Cast Net" can be more perfect.