DCT Workshop: Mining Social Media for Communication Research

Workshop Topic:

Mining Social Media for Communication Research 


Assistant Professor Tai-Quan Peng


May. 28 (Sat.) 9:00 a.m.-16:30 p.m.


HK206, College of NCTU


The workshop will introduce how to process, analyze, and visualize time series data, semantic data, and relational data collected from Google Trends and Twitter for communication research. The workshop will use R as the primary tool. 


0830-0900  Registration
0900-1000  Introduction to Social Media Analytics
1000-1100  Introduction to R and RStudio
1100-1200  Google Trends Analysis in R
1200-1330  Lunch
1330-1430  Twitter Data Retrieval in R
1430-1530  Semantic Analysis in R
1530-1630  Network Analysis in R

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